Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Indian Teen Falls 2815 Feet Off Cliff , Survives

On a trek with his friends, Amar Borde slipped and fell off a cliff in Kalyan, Mumbai; he fell into a maze of shrubs from where he was rescued, 14 hours later by police.

In a miraculous escape from death, a 19-year-old college student, out on a trek in Kalyan on Monday, fell from a 2,815 feet cliff and survived. The boy, who has minor injuries, was saved by a thick maze of shrubs into which he fell. He lay there for 14 long hours before rescue teams could find him
Amar Borde, a resident of Airoli studying for his Maharashtra CET exams, had gone with eight of his friends for a trek to Mahuli Fort in Asangaon on Monday. Around 5.30 pm, after almost reaching the top of the cliff, Borde stepped on a pile of loose rocks while negotiating a difficult turn. As Borde slipped and fell, his friends tried to catch him by the arm but failed and saw him plunging into the 2,000-feet deep gorge. The group panicked for some time but quickly went down and alerted some villagers and the police. However, by this time it was dark and visibility was quite poor.

Police Inspector Shivnath Shinde of the Shahpur Police Station in Kalyan said, “His friends had planned to stay at the fort for the night and return on Tuesday. But after their friend slipped down, they descended and asked locals and the police for help.

We accompanied some trekkers and local residents to the spot, but by that time it was too dark for us to be able to find anyone in that thick foliage. We also tried calling on the boy’s cellphone in the faint hope that he could be hanging by some rock, but failed to establish contact.”

Around 4 am, locals relaunched the search for Borde. “Around 8.30 am we found Borde lying on a thick maze of shrubs. He was only partially conscious. He could barely talk and had bruises on his legs but thankfully no major injuries. He was extremely scared, having spent the whole night alone in shrubs,” said Rupesh Gujare, a local resident.

Borde’s family is thankful for their son’s miraculous survival. His father Shivaji Borde said, “People say that there is no god, but this incident proves otherwise. We have now shifted Borde to the general ward of Indravati Hospital and doctors say they will discharge him by tomorrow.”

Source - PTI

Friday, April 9, 2010

Brazil Underwear Day 2010...

Brazilian fashion website Finissimo held its fourth annual National Underwear, sending scantily clad models to bus stations, malls and parading down the street in a celebration of...well, underwear.

Style consultant and curator Maria Thereza Laudares explained, "The aim of the National Underwear Day is to make people recognize the importance of these garments left unseen, but which are the first to be put on and the last to be taken off." Take a look at the pictures and tell us if you'd participate in the festivities...or if you'd be on the sidelines.


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