Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why Fishing is better than sex..

* A big, juicy worm always gets a fish excited.
* You don't have to eat a fish while it's still flopping around.
* You can take a leak in the bush anytime you want. 
* Stroking your rod won't piss off a trout.
* Sipping a beer and scratching your balls is all the foreplay
expected of you.
* Anything you stick in a fish's face, it eats.
* A fish will never gag, choke, or come up for air. 
* A red snapper won't cry if you call it a flounder. 
* You wear rubbers on your feet, not on your dick.
* If you want a bigger pole, you can have a bigger pole.
* A smart fish knows when to keep it's mouth shut. 
* It's okay to cook a fish to make it taste good. 
* Fish bite for a guy of 60, same as they do for a guy of 20.
* You're never called a jerk when you throw back an ugly fish.
* Fish are real happy when you pick up your gear and go home.

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