Friday, June 1, 2018

Adam talks to god about being lonely - Joke

Before there were Adam & Eve there was just Adam.

Adam: God I’m lonely here in the garden. You gave me this place and it’s beautiful. I appreciate it. I can hang out with the animals and talk to you but I don’t have anything in common with either of you. I want a partner. Is there anything you can do?
God: Oh yeah!!! I can make you a partner that will be all of your wildest dreams come true. This chicks going to be flawless! She’s going to laugh at all of the same things as you. She’s going to be happy all of the time and never Bitch about shit. She’s going to want to do nothing all day but lay around in the shade fucking. She’ll let you do whatever you want with her. And Shes going to be your best friend in the world.
Adam: wow! That sounds incredible. How much will this cost me?
God: oh she’ll cost you a lot! She’s going to be at least an arm and a leg.
Adam: oh shit... well what could I get for a rib?

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